It’s worth?

I think it isn’t worth to stay here. When I move all my thread here, I’ll close it.


Strange strange

It is strange, the wordpress site suddenly becomes faster. What’s the secret?  The Wall.

Language Problem

I like to change my blogsite here to Chinese, so I click change language. But, only part of them was changed to Chinese. Most of them still in English. So I change back to English. Now I can say the WordPress is not a complete international platform. I still dig here for something which can let me stay.

Too slow too bad

After moving my space from MSN to here, visiting speed is very low.  I found the WordPress is not suitable to us. I have to pay much time to wait and pay another time to find where I can log in.  The configration is complicated too. So I will move my space here to Sina or somewhere. And here no photo album can add. If facebook inside, I prefer to.